My Design Philosophy

Stacey and her team create interiors that are comfortable, luxurious and stylish while keeping in mind that they need to stand up to day-to-day living. Understanding the physical and emotional needs of my clients is paramount to a successful design. Stacey enjoy mixing modern with traditional to create a unique contrast that is fresh and alluring. By incorporating priceless with inexpensive she accomplishes timeless style elements that are comfortable and approachable. Consideration of budget and the ability to execute our client's desires are always the main focus. Stacey's attention to detail and her own personal sense of style have helped her establish a loyal following in the Santa Cruz area and surrounding communities.

Client Comments

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Services Offered

We offer several individualized options of design:

Color Consultation
Paint color is a quick and inexpensive way to completely change and update a room. We offer hourly consulting for clients who are just looking for a fresh look. In addition to consulting, Stacey works with a number of people that she considers the very best specialist painters and muralists in the area.

New construction, Remodeling, & Project Management
Changing existing construction and starting over with new cabinets, counters and flooring can be exciting, overwhelming and costly. Our expertise will help guide you through all phases of the design process from start to finish. Keeping your project moving along allows for a timely and cost effective completion.

Furniture Arrangement
Sometimes what you already have can be rearranged, repurposed or redesigned to create a new updated look. As a designer, my inspirations always come with collaborating with my clients and keeping their desires in focus.

Furniture Selection
Window Coverings, Furniture and Accessories are at the heart of a well designed home. Working within a budget is not a problem. Stacey has many resources that give her clients the ability to achieve a fabulous and inviting home that will meet all of their expectations.

Custom Sewing and Upholstery
Beautiful well chosen fabrics are only the first step in the process of designing an unforgettable and stylish interior. In working closely with several top quality professional workrooms your finished project will add detailed sophistication, high quality and a look that is uniquely your own.


Fees are determined by the complexity of the project. Please email for pricing and project timelines.