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Fountain Drama

September 29, 2008


I have always wanted a fountain in my backyard and I have been looking for some time for just the right one. I didn’t have to look very far as the perfect one was just down the road at a local nursery. It is simple and classic with a gentle trickle that soothes me to sleep at night. Another big perk…..It has become bird central. Tiny Hummingbirds actually stop and drape their wings into the water for a quick bath.

The drama….. Last week the motor died! No warning just stopped. In order to figure out what was wrong all the water had to be drained. I sure didn’t realize how my feathered friends were going to react to this situation. They began arriving on schedule for their morning dip and instead of finding water….they found an empty concrete bowl. As the fountain edge began to fill up they looked as if they were all taking to each other. Their heads would look deep into the bowl and then back at each other… One poor soul actually jumped into the bowl in complete disbelief. I felt awful that this social hangout had been taken away so abruptly.

After several hours of cleaning out the motor and tightening some loose fittings it is back up and running! Whew! I’m not sure what I’ll do when we close it down for winter??

Maybe that’s not an option…

Any suggestions? I’d love to hear from you!



Before and After…….

September 23, 2008

I simply love looking at “before & after” photos that so often fill the pages of popular design magazines. When we purchased our home 11 years ago it was one of the hottest summers on record. Patrick was only 18 months old and already flirting with the terrible 2’s. I had many hopes and dreams for my house even back then but, very little money or even desire to begin my vision. So I pondered and mostly talked about all my plans.

Well…I thought I’d share probably the biggest project to date since tackling a kitchen remodel 2 years ago… Does anyone ever really think about where and how those dishes will get washed without a KITCHEN! And do you realize just how many times your child needs something to eat or drink! Kneeling down on our brick patio with a hose and buckets to wash dishes was not at all in my vision! Oh well. It’s now just a funny memory of just how clueless one can be when they only see what they want to.

Thanks to a shoddy homebuilder we were faced last summer with failing siding on our home. After the shock of having no recourse (10 yr. warranty expired) we decided to go all out! We did our homework and my husband did much of the work. We both love the classic style of cedar shingles so we did it!

Here is the before…



And after


After this project last year we are taking some time off to enjoy all of our hard work! at least that’s my husband’s idea…..We’ll see 🙂

Party Hats and Italy

September 16, 2008


Enough with the party hats already! These are the last three that I will bore you with for awhile I promise!

This first picture is my very first overseas commission and of all places ITALY!! I’m so envious my little “Queen of Hearts” is getting to live in the Italian countryside. Some day I hope to travel there but for now I will have to settle for a little piece of my heart enjoying the Italian sun.

Somehow I have the romantic notion that people just eat, drink and enjoy life without the stresses of real life if you live in Italy~


Next, another winter inspired hat that came to me through this very blog! Lulu Kellogg an amazing artist herself requested something similar to my last creation. I love working with wedding inspired millinery and this was a pleasure for me to create. Thanks Lulu for admiring my work! It was great to work with you!


When this last request came in I knew I would be in for some fun! My new friend lives in Florida and wanted something colorful and bright. Her fav’s are Purple and Lime green.

I just happened to have this great paper with polka dots that started off this creation. Party Hats are so festive and whimsical that I think they are among my favorites to create!


So I thank you for allowing me to indulge one more time with my latest creations~

I am putting together a new post that is sure to inspire your inner designer.

Hope you will stop by again~

xo Stacey

It’s Autism….Plain and Simple

September 11, 2008

My most precious creation is my son Patrick Francis Costello. He was born Nov 13 1995. He was 2 weeks late in coming and I honestly thought I would be pregnant forever. He is my one and only child and the most amazing child you would have the pleasure of meeting. Besides the gift of an unbelievable imagination he has an uncanny ability of making friends with people of all ages wherever he goes.50’s diners, acting and cars from the 50’s are just a few of his passions. He fills my days with chaos, love, laughter and an absolutely hilarious sense of humor!

Oh I guess I should also mention he has Autism. He asked me one evening while the two of us were watching the news… after the news program had done a story on it… This is how it went…. “Mom I don’t have that do I ?” Without my husband to help me out I knew that this one moment I had dreaded & also looked forward to at the same time would be nothing short of life changing. I took a deep breath and said. Yes, Joe Joe (one of my many pet names he has been given by me) you do. We sat for a moment without speaking and then I said. It’s okay… It’s not a bad thing. We all have challenges and this is yours. It seemed like a weak response at the time but, I knew that this was just the beginning of many heart to heart conversations. Autism for our family in this one evening removed the feeling of “The elephant in the room” We could speak freely now and begin the process together with Patrick of giving power to him over his disability. Helping him understand just how spectacular he is …..Just the way he is!

I want to share one of the proudest moments I have ever had!

My 5th grader’s letter to his class about Autism

Hello. I am the very proud mom of Patrick Costello who has Autism. He decided to write a letter to his 5th grade class at the close of this year. I was unaware of this letter. To my surprise his aide Bonnie sent home a copy for me. I can only say that I am proud beyond words! We have spoken very honestly in our home about Autism and I had always hoped that it would help him to understand himself & what he needs in this world. My hope in sharing a piece of our private world is that you will be inspired to see such an amazing young man! We all have struggles daily and uphill battles on a regular basis… stop & please read this!

In Patrick’s own words…


Cocktails Anyone……..

September 7, 2008



I mentioned in my last post that I was working on a few new designs. This is quite a departure for me as I haven’t worked with stone before. New ideas for me come usually around 3 a.m and make for quite a long night. I keep a notebook on my side table and have been known on many occasions to scribble furiously several times in one night. My husband sleeps like the dead so it works! I’m a paper fanatic and I have rolls upon rolls in my studio that have been collected from all over. So with all this paper I needed a new creative inspiration! I’m sure these are not a new idea. But here is my version of the tumbled marble coaster.



I haven’t decided if I will put these into my Etsy shop so for now I will be selling them through my blog. Sets of 4 are 20.00 + 6.00 for shipping anywhere in the U.S. I have 4 designs and will be happy to mix the styles if you wish. I think they would make great hostess, holiday or just for you gifts! Each coaster is sealed with several coats of high quality sealer and backed with cork or felt.

Please email me with a special request~

This week I will be busy with more new designs. Please come back for a visit!


Do Weddings & Birthdays go together?…Yes!

September 4, 2008

This latest design was just too cute and fun not to share with you. I recently had a commissioned design request from a bride in Texas.

She and her fiancé happen to have the same birthdays and they are getting married this October on that day! That’s one way to never forget your anniversary. She wanted a keepsake that represented both the wedding and their birthdays. Well… I had a plan! Here are a few photos of my creation. I had so much fun using so many vintage goodies!

On my website I have a few more special design requests to look at…
Check them out under the link. “ Luxe Vintage Collection”.

I can’t wait to tell you about another design I am working on…Hopefully I will post something this weekend..
Bye for now.