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So blessed and so thankful

November 27, 2008

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

So many things in my life to be thankful for this year! I love my job and appreciate every crazy little detail. My son Patrick is surviving gliding smoothly through middle school…not the easiest years for anyone! And my husband Brian & I will be happily celebrating 14 years in just a few days! As they say… “Life is sweet”.

Today I’m going to enjoy a day with family and a few games of monopoly. It’s becoming a Costello tradition to spend the day around the game table battling it out and negotiating real estate.

A special and unexpected email I received this week I wanted to share with you.

I received this sweet note just the other day after I had shipped one of my latest creations. cw0002b

Dear Stacey
Just wanted you to know that your beautiful tiara arrived safe and sound today. It is gorgeous! You did such a fabulous job. Thank you so very much. I will give it a special place of honor in my home. I perused your website and was very impressed. You are a very talented girl and I plan on being a regular reader of your blog. I love your down-to-earth, authentic writing style, and, of course, I am
a new fan of your artistic work. Can’t wait to see what you do next. All the best to you!!
Kimla Cotropia

I am thankful and I am blessed to have such amazing friends far and wide… Words are powerful and they can sure make you smile!


I’m Moving….

November 25, 2008

I have decided that Patrick doesn’t really NEED 2 rooms in which to sleep, play, read, get dressed, draw and play on the computer. He has always had a bedroom and a playroom but, recently he has preferred the playroom due it’s a large size bed and better overall square footage. Can’t blame him there! I can fill a room before my husband has had time to enjoy the empty space for even 1/2 a day. 🙂

So….I am moving my "design studio" into his old much smaller bedroom.  Here’s my vision.1490749364.201df5e692.m


haven’t quite figured out all those pesky details yet like where the fabrics, design files, drafting table, trade catalogs, and all the other details… But for now I’m "in love" with my new office.

What do you think?


I’m Back!!

November 22, 2008

Thanks to all of you who sent me words of encouragement through emails and posts! Here’s a special bouquet just for you!bf0007dAdorned with some of my ~Glitter Butterflies~It just took a couple days this month I am grateful. I’ve got too much going on right now to get dragged down with crazy out of control hormones. My creativity peaks for me in the middle of the night so I have learned to embrace it and here’s my latest..ph0011e ph0010g These are 2 new designs I created and will be available to you! I realized after receiving a few emails after I posted the others that a few of you were disappointed not to be able to purchase a hat you had seen here! Just send me an email if you would like to purchase one. Holiday Delight for the Birthday girl & Snowflake Fantasy in winter whites.

See you sooner than later this time!!



November 20, 2008


Well.. I’m a bad bad blogger! Just haven’t felt very "posty" lately. Postal yes!442010342_f04213d58e

Why do we have to suffer these ups and downs so drastically as we enter the over 40 years? Anyway  thought I’d ask a few of my blogging friends their thoughts on this.

How do you handle these days?? I think I’ll drown myself in some ICE CREAM!

See you on the other side sooner than later.

xxoo 🙂

Flea Market Finds

November 16, 2008

Nothing I love more than a great “Flea Market”. I really don’t go very often any more. After so many years of collecting…. Where does it all go after a while? I’ve decided to drastically change my style so many adored treasures are finding themselves new homes among many of my “treasured” clients! IMG_0346 This sweet little frame is a keeper though.  I can’t claim the beautiful young lady as a relative but, I decided to keep her in it anyway. It’s simple in a primitive sort of way. I’ve been busy with new party hats and crowns so I will post some new pix soon.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who posted a message about Patrick! He loved reading all your posts!! I think we have a fellow blogger in our midst! 🙂

xxoo Many Thanks from me too!

13 years ago

November 13, 2008

at the park 5-98  On this day 13 years ago my son Patrick finally arrived. 255000000 hours of labor…ok really just 25. Still that’s an impressive number in the birthing world. I remember thinking as I walked an hour every day that I was pregnant… I’m “in shape” it will be painless and quick. Ahh to be confidently clueless!

It brings a tear to my eye thinking about how much I loved this little bundle and what hopes and dreams I had for him then and now!

He has brightened my life and continues every day to bring me love, laughter and a few headaches too! Of course he does… officially Patrick’s a teenager now. He’s just doing what he is supposed to now, unrelentingly testing his independence and my patience at the same time. Now for all the good times and not so good times… I just HAD to post these favorites!! Sorry! Paddy…it’s a mom thing!ice cream with goo goo1 cowboy_paddy21110051147bucket1    Paddy Solo asleep in the car dads shoulders2

Dear Patrick,

Birthday wishes to you my Paddy. You are an amazing young man that I am so very proud to call my son!

You are officially a TEENAGER today!!!! Wow! How old does that make me then?? (Just kidding)

My love for you is deeper than the ocean and wider than the whole world! Have a spectacular day today at DISNEYLAND!!!!!

All of my love to you.



P.S. When you asked me if I had talked about you on my blog lately I told you “no” because I was waiting for this.

What about the windows?

November 5, 2008

I was asked a few weeks ago about writing an article for a local window coverings store. They are Advanced Blind and Shade and have a great selection of products. I’m always happy to refer them to my clients for their excellent customer service, competitive pricing and exceptional quality. I hope this might help make a hard decision a little easier.

Window treatments come in a variety of styles, colors and materials to create definition within your home. They serve multiple aesthetic and practical functions but with so many options, narrowing them down can be a little difficult. For each window consider these three design concepts:

Privacy and Sunlight control

With the ability to view outside from our windows during the day the same is true to see inside at night as well. Therefore adequate privacy control is necessary. Light control in a room is extremely important with southern or western window exposures. Window treatments can offer several features such as a reduction in sun glare, room darkening or filtered diffused light. As your planning window treatments for a particular room, make sure you notice how natural light and artificial light will affect the room.

Windows as Architectural Features

Many rooms within a home lack an obvious focal point such as a fireplace or other large scale dramatic piece. Window treatments have the ability to transform an ordinary window into the focal point of a room. Well chosen fabrics with texture, pattern and color will draw attention to an area. Many times a spectacular fabric made into an elaborate drapery will dress up an ordinary view. Windows will also appear longer and wider when they are hung a few inches above and beside the window. A design secret I use most often. The overall style and feel of a room will be accentuated when just the right window treatments have been selected.

Is there a problem?

Knowing what your room’s assets are will make the process much easier. If there is flaw within the design knowing how the treatment will help conceal it is something a designer can easily help you with. So what are the questions you need to ask yourself?  Is there a privacy concern? Is your view less than ideal? Is there a fabulous view you would like to enhance? Ceiling height is also something you need to consider. Having a good idea about what you would like to enhance or hide will help you define the best overall design for your window treatments.

Some favorites of mine…

Sometimes the best window treatment is nothing at all. When privacy is not an issue the sculptural beauty of a bare wood window welcomes you in with openness only achieved without a drapery or shade.img_truetoform_3 MH0408_barnes_06



MH0308_libin_05 This picture above is just a fab room! Love the contrast of deep rich chocolate walls against the creamy trim. Not a lover of turquoise but…these chairs are so chic.

Formal rooms deserve grand window treatments. innov2

Roman shades that are made of bamboo, rattan or other natural fibers add visual interest with their texture.SU03101135_1_x

So many to mention…whatever you decide make sure your selection meets all your requirements AND most important! You love the way it looks.


November 4, 2008

your_vote_counts_button_3 Please VOTE!!

If you have kids…take them with you! It is so important that they see we can all have a voice if we show up and vote.

Do it for them and do it for you!!!

We are Americans and we VOTE!!!

Do you puddle?

November 3, 2008


What opinions this question stirs up! I love a slight puddle. There is nothing worse than a drape just barely touching the floor. The perfect puddle if I do say so…blog post 10-3-08