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December 28, 2008

5200_large After all the decadent food this woman has over indulged in… I thought I’d share one of the design books I asked Santa for this year. It came out a few months back and I sure wish I could have attended the book signing. This design duo are devilishly chic and so are their opulent interiors. 01_showroom_front

Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield are "High Style"_mg_0898


This collection does a fabulous job showcasing their over-the-top signature style that exudes Hollywood glamour and sleek modern panache. 02_showroom10 upper_eastside_01rotate.php 13

Those velvet green chairs are dreamy! Simple molding around wallpaper and even different paint colors…genius!


If you are hopelessly needing a little Hollywood glamour. They carry one of a kind pieces as well as their own line of vintage inspired furniture with bold color and luxe fabrics.



all photos are from the Woodson & Rummerfield website.

What to do when you need holiday ornaments now!

December 20, 2008


These are photos that were taken by Raya of my holiday ornaments… something I wanted to share with you! I was getting everything ready for the holiday showhouse I mentioned to you and couldn’t find any decorations that really were me. I was desperate the weekend before the event and so I spent most of Thanksgiving and the weekend after making these. 3106754622_0ffe5faf5b 3106754642_36c3992a1e I looked like a glittered butterfly myself after making about 50 of these. The cones are all vintage and I LOVE the way they sparkle.3105921687_eab889c56e 3105921713_6ac91aedb7 3106754810_0945f22284 You can have them made for you. Just send me a line. Best part of all…3106754434_7decf003ae  We can enjoy it at our home now!

Ribbon love

December 15, 2008

Cimg0434 I had hoped I would have 4 reviews to share with you upon my return home from San Francisco.. Well I am afraid I have just 1.

It is a wonderful store that proves I’m not the only self obsessed fan of the "ribbon". I was crazed as I tried to take it all it in. Owner Paulette Knight has been collecting her treasures for over 25 years and I can tell you it is quite an impressive collection of vintage millinery,vintage ribbons and laces that date back to the early 1900’s. A feast I managed to quickly sift through knowing the husband was less than thrilled to spend a Saturday. I will return ALONE soon!

Here is the information you will need:

The Ribbonerie 3695 Sacramento Street San Francisco

Phone 415 626 6184  www.theribbonerie.comCimg0437

One other really neat treat! Paulette is a master at tying just the perfect bow AND she will make one for you gratis when you buy your ribbon. I was able to watch her as she quickly made a beautiful bow for a customers wreath while I was shopping.Cimg0438

Cimg0440 Enjoy~

The view from our hotel… Ahh I’ve left my heart in San Fran…Cimg0448

City bound

December 12, 2008

0-san-francisco_master The husband and I are heading up to the “city” this weekend for a belated birthday and anniversary…The big 40 for him this year. I am planning to drag gently pull him along to 4 stores I have been dying to visit.

Stay tuned…I will post some pictures of some treasures I find out and about.

Oh and I almost forgot the MAIN reason we are going… His company Christmas party. We have been trying to attend one of these for the past 11 years.

Progress Update

December 5, 2008

I am so excited to show you the before and after pictures of the Summit League Holiday House that I mentioned a while back. The tour was yesterday and today. I designed an upstairs bedroom that I named "Intimate Weekend Retreat". The homeowner allowed me to remove the wallpaper and so I started literally from scratch. A designers dream project I must say. It was so much fun meeting so many wonderful ladies that are all part of the Summit League. You will notice some of my studio designs that I added to the Christmas tree too!

Before..CIMG0011CIMG0025 CIMG0014 CIMG0028

After..Stacey's Room #1 Stacey's Room #6 Stacey's Room #8 Stacey's Room #2 Stacey's Room #10 Stacey's Room #3 Stacey's Room #7

On this day…14 years ago

December 3, 2008

Picture1 Today is our anniversary. “Who gets married in December” my soon to be husband asks?? We do I say. He being more of a traditionalist envisioned late spring or early summer as the time to tie the knot. I thought …. I can’t wait!!! I have found the man of my dreams and I didn’t want to wait any longer!

Here we are 14 years later and happier than I could have ever imagined. We have been through some dark times along the way but, he will always be my safe place to fall. He has filled my life with his never-ending patience and love and can make me laugh so hard I haven’t always made it to the bathroom. Planning on many more years and many more laughs!

Tonight we will celebrate with Patrick over a sushi dinner. He loves celebrating with us and I think it’s great to show him what a great marriage looks like!

Winter white kitchens…

December 1, 2008

The holidays have officially grabbed me! I’m dreaming of wintry  white light filled kitchens… SA0301112k_1_x

SA0301112k_1a_x and lots of glittery white ornaments that took over my studio this weekend. I have been captivated by the season this year.

The back story on this…. For almost all of the early years festive decorating was very scarce. Having autism really restricts your ability to accept change of any kind even if it’s a really good kind.

Patrick is getting older and we are getting ready this year for a spectacular Christmas filled with lots of decorations. I’ve been busy making lots of holiday decorations that will adorn my tree at the Summit League Holiday Showhouse this coming week.

I will take some pictures in the next few days and will post them. Soon I promise!

For now,enjoy these 2 breathtaking kitchens in all their winter white glory.

I’m smitten~