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Wish I had a few more hours in the day..

January 27, 2009

It’s been a busy few weeks in the studio for me. I am trying to finish up some wedding cake toppers that have been sitting half done for days! They will probably be sitting a few more days……Because I’ve been hard at work designing a large remodel for a super cool family of 5.

I will be showing you some pictures along the way but for now I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the boy’s bathroom counters we’ve selected.

Terrazzo      Check out the link:



"A unique quartz surface combined with exotic gems
of the ocean"

Not the actual one we selected… but you get the idea.


I had a vision of a soft color palate that would still be fun and sassy for two young boys! Luckily they have seen the choices and they are on board. My youngest clients are sometimes the most demanding. 🙂


Wall color is going to be one of these 2..

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments 1563

Benjamin Moore Blue Haze 1667

Lighting by Visual Comfort “Chinoiserie Double Bath Light”

I’m looking forward to sharing this project with you!


I’m barely even awake

January 17, 2009

Am I the last to know about the !st Dibs Saturday sales!saturday_sale_ad

I just turned on my computer and am barely even awake…lack of caffeine on board right now. But as I perused my email inbox I see…..Saturday Sale.

Upon further investigation I read that it just started this Saturday.

For those of you not familiar 1st Dibs it is a spectacular online market place for antique and mid-century modern furniture. America’s best dealers all in one place.

I’m off to shop dream I could actually buy something off their website right now.



Please share if you find something fabulous.


a really cool idea

January 16, 2009

bx0047f  I just completed a special order that I thought I would share.

I was contacted by a sweet young lady in Hong Kong about designing a wedding ring box to have in place of the "ring pillow"

I loved the idea as I’m all about creating unusual treasures that inspire someone’s own creativity.bx0047d

Her wedding color palate includes Lilac so I used some velvet millinery with that color and lots of other vintage bridal millinery that I scored at the Alameda antique market last week. Here’s the link..

If your local to the area I highly recommend you check it out.

I’m getting ready to begin designing some wedding cake toppers for my super cool designer friend Colleen. She will be hosting a  wedding event at her store soon.

I will be sure to give you more info.


Paying it forward and giving away

January 7, 2009

358399937_56db9d3059 “A random act of kindness without expecting or hoping for anything in return”.

That’s the real meaning and I sure intend on making it a regular event for me this 2009!

My family is healthy, happy and thriving and when you can say these 3 words…paying it forward is a responsibility I intend to make for one of my goals this coming year.

Having said that… My office/studio is has been straightened, organized, cleaned and in the process I gave away 13 bags, boxes and many other large sized items that have been taking up more than just space. I feel like my spirit has been lifted and I’m happier.

The recipient of these things is the dearest lady who has been a part of our family since Patrick was about 3 years old. Her name is Julia and she comes every week to clean our house. She is truly the kindest woman who always has a smile on her face. She and I have a special bond because she also has a special needs child. I actually didn’t know this for about 6 months. My Spanish has come a long way in the last few years!

So I will be paying it forward in 2009 and working hard at the rest of my goals!



I’ve been lounging

January 3, 2009


A little late I know. I’ve been doing some serious organizing and just couldn’t bare to stop my momentum. Clearing out is not my best quality. I can look at a 6 inch piece of ribbon and conjure up some excuse why it must be kept. I mentioned in a older post that I am planning to move my office. Well…to do that I must organize all that I have. I thought I’d post some pictures of my office as it is now but feared you might really think I’m a nut. 🙂

Maybe I will get up some nerve today and take a few pictures..You know "before and after" is fun.


Oh…I almost forgot..A few people emailed me for the color I chose for the "Homes for the Holidays" tour. Should have listed it in my original post.. It is French Grey Linen by Pittsburgh.GalleryLayout5 

love the name.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful 2009!

Thanks for being part of my life.