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Floor Play I think is divine

March 25, 2009


The artist in me couldn’t resist mentioning this super cool website that offers custom made rugs. I know it sounds like just another site..but take a look at what you can do!

"Indulge your child’s artistic streak-and the desire to redecorate-by converting their masterpiece into a one-of-a-kind carpet."

All you have to do is send them a photocopied image or e-mail a PDF of the treasured piece to Toronto’s Hueman Designs. They will transfer the artwork to either a hand-knotted, hand-tufted or flat-woven rug. These are instant heirlooms and also give rooms a fun creative custom look. I am so in love this!! Patrick did a self-portrait a few years ago and I’m seriously thinking about it!

Another idea if your child is not so creatively inspired…You could preserve footprints, handprints or even handwriting and still have charming results.

Check them out!



another makeover…the bed

March 18, 2009

Yes..I’ve been at it again! I feel like that line in the MASK…."Somebody stop me" If my son and husband aren’t careful they too might become another one of my victims projects.

This time our bed. We’ve had it for years and I really do like it. That is the design of it. Of course you must like 4 poster or this is definitely not going to be your style. Anyway, it’s pine and a little knotty which I’ve never liked. What has kept me from tackling it though was…..where do we sleep? I’m not a camper I mean I’m REALLY not a camper. So that is why it has stayed knotty pine for much too long.

I just decided I’m going to do it. My good and dear friend Chris ( she’s the talented painter and artist with a paint brush) came over and we got started. My husband has learned when I get that look it’s better just to go with it.

It is another variation of a 2 color old world glaze that came out just perfect! At least I think so. 🙂

Now this project wasn’t as inexpensive as my last makeover project but, it still beats getting a new bed!

And yes…I managed quite nicely in my mom’s bed for 2 nights while it was being painted. The husband slept in our guest room..Why didn’t I sleep in there to you ask? It’s a single!! Yikes. not possible with a man 6’2"   CIMG0548  IMG_0373

Of course the "before" picture is much better..Thanks to my photographer friend Raya. The second shows my newish lamps too. Although I took the photos so please bare with it.

Grrr!!! Livewriter was in a mood!! Couldn’t get the before picture up first!

Hope the creative bug gets you too! It’s so much fun to loose yourself in creativity.

Wondering what the ottoman is doing there? It’s for Nico..he’s old and needs a little help. 🙂



because I’m Irish

March 17, 2009

425943554_d8f308f378 I just had to post today!’s true I’m really Irish. Most people think I’m telling lie because of the dark skin and hair. Oh well. I guess they haven’t heard of the black Irish.

Wishing you all luck today! I had 2 great things happen to me today.

1. I found a free parking space at the Design center this morning. I know parking is only 10.00 but..I rather spend that on FOOD! or a Latte. 🙂

2. Our Bernese Mountain Dog "Nico" got a clean ill of health from the vet.He’s quite old so I always worry when we go to the vet.

Photo credit: Zensmom1 flicker ( Emmie with her St. Patrick’s Day boa)


Hope you have a good St. Patrick’s Day


Makeover for my chairs

March 14, 2009

I love paint! I can’t get enough of trying my hand at changing a look just based on color. The latest in my makeover series..They were just boring pine nothing special. I got them at Cost Plus just because they were really light weight and I knew that my then 4 year old could manage them easily. Oh and they have rush seats which I love!

Here is the before:IMG_0316

For the process…All I can say is LONG! I estimate that it took me 11 hours to paint, sand, and glaze them. I had to start with 3 coats of primer. 1 coat of semi-gloss. 1 coat of another color semi-gloss. Then the last coat was a liquid glaze applied by wiping and rubbing until I had the finish I was after.

and after:CIMG0524 CIMG0526

A French old world 2 color glaze with a hand rubbed finish. Whew! I had no idea what I was getting into when I started. But I love the end result and the best part is that it cost around $10.00. With all the bad news about the economy this is something you can actually do for a few bucks! If you would like the actual colors I used..Drop me a line and I’d be happy to give you the list.

I hope you have a creatively wonderful weekend!


xo~ Stacey

Thank you again to another wonderful photographer!

March 6, 2009

This is the second time that I have been honored to have my artwork photographed by another super talented photographer.

This ability to turn someone or something into a beautiful photo is something I will only ever dream of doing. So I am more than grateful when a friendly lady named Linda offers to send me her photos she has taken. Thanks Linda for appreciating my art and for taking the time to send me the disk!

They are now uploaded on my website. Thanks Shawn for working your layout magic once again for me!

Here are a few of my favorites…DSC_2854 DSC_2866 DSC_2868

These are different styles of my Wedding Cake Toppers and I am hoping to make many more of these in the next few months. I am not really sure how to market them yet as I’m thinking maybe wedding cake designers might find them fresh and alluring to design around. I would love to have some imput on this! I have used vintage wedding millinery..Of Course! It is a bit tricky to find but, I’ve been really lucky lately and I have a wonderful collection right now.

Hope you have a fun weekend~

xo  Stacey

a clear choice?

March 3, 2009

p_BHG148496 I ran across this picture in one of my design files and since I am designing 3 bathrooms right now I thought I’d ask you…What do you think? Could you live with a clear glass counter top? I’m always wiping up little spills and probably a few invisible ones ( not invisible to me of course!) that I’m thinking this is not a great choice for me.

I love the modern clean look without it feeling too industrial and sterile. It looks like they used colored glass tiles which brings it down a notch. Thoughts?

Photo credit  Better Homes & Gardens

Looking forward to sharing my bathrooms when we start construction.


thanks "C" magazine

March 1, 2009

I have subscribed to "C" magazine for a few years now and although it’s pretty limited to California finds, I think it offers readers so much to indulge in. I am always tearing out cool places to visit and filing them away for future use.

My husband & I travel to Napa a few times a year ( I think I’ve mentioned a few times 🙂 ) and last time we were up I managed to persuade him to take us to few local shops.

This recent store that is featured in the March issue looks like somewhere I need to go sooner than later!


I looked it up only because I was looking to find the "bone beads" that were featured in the article. Those are not yet available through Digs by Katie but I’m going to keep you posted on them. They look like a clever alternative to coral.

Here are some pictures of the interior…store studio7269

A road trip might be in my future!