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I love SPRING!!

April 30, 2009


Just got back from the local nursery with 3 new rose plants that are so darn pretty I had to share them with you!

Cherries Jubilee

Snowflake SurpriseCIMG0735

Blue MidnightCIMG0737


They are all newer roses and the Blue Midnight is the most deep purple with a breathtaking smell to go along with the gorgeous color. You should know that I LOVE roses but up until about 2 years ago have been VERY unlucky with growing them! I decided a few years back when I happened into Home Depot for just my usual spring flowers. They had white floribundas in 5 gallon containers for 11.99 each. I got 5 of them and planted them right in front of my porch. The first year they did really well and continually bloomed well into November. This year I have so many buds it’s crazy! So I thought I’d give it a try again and buy a few more to put into pots. Although I’ve heard they don’t like pots much…Any suggestions out there?

Here are the white ones from 2 years agoCIMG0736

Poor Patrick…. Here’s how you farm when you have no backyard!!CIMG0739

He’s very proud of his strawberries!

Have another DIY project in the works…Stay tuned I hope to finish by early next week!

xo Stacey

Kindness of strangers

April 14, 2009

One of my very favorite plants that bloom in the spring are "snowballs". I know that isn’t the proper plant name but most everyone knows them as these. They are a beautiful light cream color and make a stunning arrangement. The plant itself is also pretty cool with large branches that spread out and up within only a few years. I’ve tried 3 times to grow one in my own yard to no avail. Just the wrong light and very poor soil. As Patrick and I were nearing home last weekend we spied an Estate Sale…..Well of course we had to check it out! After rummaging through years of treasures we I decided the only thing I really wanted was to pick some blooms off the owners snowball tree. I offered to pay for them since they are worth money to me. She declined and was happy to just let me pick what I wanted. AND did I have fun!!CIMG0653


Don’t they look divine in my simple clear glass pitcher.


I gave her a big smile and a heartfelt thank you and we were off. She sure brightened my day!

Did you notice my Neiman Marcus catalog….A girl can dream right??

Hope you have a wonderful week.



All sorts of things…and Thanks Trader Joe’s

April 10, 2009


I am hosting Easter this year and wanted a flower of some kind for a side table…I just got back from Trader Joe’s with this! It was only 12.99. It actually has 2 stems with blooms. What a score!CIMG0639


I also wanted to show off my new mirror with a less than great photo..Sorry! It was also a great deal! It came from Wisteria and was 40% off the list price of 279.00. I am not keeping though..It is headed to a good friend up north. I will lug it there myself as I didn’t want it to to delivered without me. She is celebrating her 40th birthday next week. Since she looks about 25..maybe with this beautiful mirror she will finally believe me!



And finally a few of the new designs I created this week in the studio….I love making these hair combs! I used all vintage millinery and I think I will add them to my Etsy shop soon. CIMG0648 CIMG0649 CIMG0650 Happy Easter!! xo Stacey~

Starting a new design: Wedding Jewelry for Hair…My inspiration..

April 5, 2009

I am working on a few new designs for Wedding jewelry for your hair.

Stay tuned.. I hope to post them this week.


Autism Awareness Day

April 1, 2009


Tomorrow April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. As most of you already know my son Patrick has Autism. I can’t help but be filled with a mixture of hope and sadness. The hope for someday a cure will be found and sadness at what hardships children and their families go through. After all I am one of those families. Sometimes I can feel an almost unexplainable loud deafening scream that lives deep within my soul. I am afraid of it mostly as I have never let it have a voice for fear I would frighten not only everyone around me but myself as well. If I think about our life and the struggles Patrick goes through every day I am humbled. We all take for granted our ability to have friends, join groups, take classes not to mention speak and communicate. People with Autism struggle with all of these and many more things on a daily basis. My hope for this post is that although my readership is not very high…someone reading it will send a friend over to learn about something they are not familiar with. To learn and educate is the best way for us to help spread our message! There WILL be a cure one day and I hope with every bone and muscle in my body my son will be here to benefit from it. Please learn more from any of these great websites:

My son Patrick is my gift and I will never stop hoping! Please hope too.Cimg0331