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My latest work in progress….Really it can only get better!

June 23, 2009

photo  Here she is….my latest project . This will promise to be one of the best clients I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This family of 5 have been real troopers about having their entire and I do mean entire home gutted beyond recognition! Their current residence is a very large (although if I asked them they may not agree) motorhome. It is on the property which if you have ever been through a remodel it’s the only way to go. Being on site and having a GREAT contractor keeps things moving!

I can’t wait to start showing you all the selections we’ve made. Yesterday I secured the most beautiful Italian French Vanilla marble for the Master Bathroom vanity and tub deck. We are going with polished nickel fixtures and this chandelier above the tub.



How would you survive this?

My fabulous day!!!

June 20, 2009

I had every intention of writing all about the magazine shoot! Really I did! Unfortunately it happened 2 days before Patrick’s last day of school. If you have kids I can imagine you know why it just simply got pushed into the great abyss. Every day I thought TODAY and it just never materialized. A quick recap.


The talented duo Sunday & Mark arrived at 9:00 am. sharp and worked all fact up until 7:00pm. I am impressed with there stamina as they had shoots lined up all week. It was more fun than I can even describe! They shot my Living Room,Dining Room,Kitchen,Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom and my Studio. I will be sure to let you know which issue we will arrive in.

Here are a couple from my camera…CIMG0795

Me trying to look not NERVOUS!!CIMG0802

The team styling and getting it all ready..notice the martini glasses…don’t you have cocktails in bed? Remember the magazine is Romantic Country


BTW… Yes..Patrick did indeed change into his special outfit I mentioned at the end of the shoot! Thankfully he waited until they knew him a little. I can’t squelch such divine creativity.


Romantic Country= My world has been rocked!

June 7, 2009

I’m back and refreshed freaking out! Well kinda sorta refreshed. My husband and I have come to realize that we are doing a good job. Parenting is hard! You try to do your best and in the end you hope and pray it is enough. Patrick is happy and for the most part thriving. Life at the homestead is about to get CRAZY!!!romantic-country-magazinesp

Romantic Country is coming to my house YES!! my house on Tuesday!!! The team is going to photograph most of the whole interior including my studio. Freaking out is an understatement. I’m sleep deprived and creatively wiped out. Don’t get me me wrong I’m over the moon excited but having a magazine want to come and shoot my home for THEIR magazine….well it’s definitely right up there with best things to happen in my life. I have known for a few months and I have felt bad not letting some of my close friends know ( you know who you are ) but I guess up until just a few days ago I just couldn’t believe it was really going to happen. So I apologize!

Patrick is being allowed to stay home from school so as not to miss the action. He is probably more excited than me ( well maybe not more) but still he’s been primping in his room too! He has a smoking jacket and ascot that he’s planning to wear! Yikes!! We’ll see about that one. He is not shy at all and loves the camera. Not a trait he picked up from moi!!

Please stay close I will post some pictures soon!!

Thank you all who come and read and encourage me!! I truly appreciate your kindness.