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Flip Flop Love

August 7, 2009

I grew up in Southern California near the beach and what everyone calls "flip flops" we all called thongs. I never that it was strange until i met my husband. He thought I was referring to…I’m sure you know what. No wonder he laughed when I said I had bought a new pair of thongs and couldn’t wait to take them on our beach vacation.

Secretly I’m sure he was hopeful…So when I took them out of the suitcase and slipped them on he was let’s just say not too excited.

I spotted these here:flip-flops


I got the Milly in Silver. If you haven’t already been to the Macbeth site check it out!!

I’ll be poolside at my Dad’s this weekend and plan on wearing them. My new thongs!

Hope you have a great weekend!



My birthday…..

August 6, 2009

Where have I been? I’d like to tell you I’ve been traveling the countryside in France or visiting the "Italian Pearl" aka Capri.

Truth is: I’ve been busy working and trying to make sure Patrick has a great summer! He never really isn’t in school you see. He has a home program that runs the entire year and he works really hard. We did take a week off and traveled down to one of our favorite places. With the economy in the dumps they were offering crazy cheap rates! We had a great time and managed to all come back with tans.. I know BAD MOMMA! We used sunscreen but when you are at the pool most all of every day…It happens!

Yesterday was my birthday and although I worked most of it I had to share my evening.

My boys took me to one of our local favorites and after dinner we came back to some super yummy treats that were left by our front door by a very dear very sweet friend of mine. Then it was "Movie Time" I received a very special gift from Patrick this year! Drum roll…….. The original Charlie’s Angels DVD boxed set!!!513X5EHJRRL._SL500_AA240_

Yes…I admit it I was a HUGE fan! Sabrina was my favorite angel! Had the trading cards, signed autograph ( you can get that when you are in the fan club) Yikes did say that!! the works!

Anyway, It was great! 42 years can’t believe it.

I have lots to share as soon as I get my camera working…

Thanks for checking in I know it’s been too long! Sorry.