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2010…Here is what I should be doing

January 11, 2010

Organizing this:CIMG1112

and working on filing this:CIMG1113


Instead I decided to do this:CIMG1109 CIMG1111



I have had this table for about 10 years. I found it in a very cheezy furniture store..Sorry Levitz. It wasn’t actually Levitz, in fact that store would have been an upgrade. It is very fair to say when we moved into our house 12 years ago we had NO money. We were moving from a house 850sq ft to our home now which is 2400sq ft. I also worried that we would never be able to pay our mortgage either. "I not going to unpack everything" was a weekly conversation I had. Sorry got sidetracked…anyway, Our Dining Room was bare for the first 2 years. I really wanted to entertain and not having a decent sized table made it rather difficult. So Paddy and I headed out for a shopping adventure. I hit the usual antique stores and was thoroughly bummed. Not only is it next to impossible to shop with a three year old..I didn’t have any real money to spend either.

When we headed out to the parking lot of the last store I spotted across the parking lot a huge sign in a ugly store. "NOT YOUR AVERAGE SALE" CHEAP STUFF.

Why not I said. The table had great lines and a finish that didn’t scream I’m Cheap!! It actually became even cheaper when the sales guy spotted Patrick had climbed on top a very high dresser. Fearing a lawsuit he said $200! That I had. SOLD!

It’s served it’s purpose being boring brown.CIMG1084CIMG1083 BERFORE:


So what do you think? I really like it with the new slipcovers I have now.

Back to my desk now…well maybe!

Hope you 2010 projects go better than mine.




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