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On the road back..

March 6, 2011

To say I took a long break would be quite an understatement! My last post was a sad one and I guess it just took me longer to get back into the swing of things. I read blogs every day and LOVE to see what you all are up to. Our life is happy and today I would like you to meet our 2 new additions:




Coco & Ruby






Our new girls joined our family back in August. First, Ruby and just 2 weeks later we welcomed Coco.

A little bit about our journey…. As many of you know Nico was quite well known within the rescue community. Having been left for dead inside a puppy mill and only 46lbs his story was carefully watched. We loved and nurtured him but because he was already so old we had him only 4 years. So when he passed away the end of June we were planning to wait awhile before starting the process of adopting another berner…..Well…you know how that goes! We were contacted about 1 month later by our dear friend Bruce (Nico’s rescuer) about a possible female he had. About a week later a local rescue group also let us know they too had a female in need of a home. We weren’t sure about having 2!! I need not tell you more on that.

Coco is about 2 and quite large with an amazing amount of VERY curly hair! This isn’t very common in the breed. She became VERY sick before we were to adopt her and at one point it was looking like she would not make it. We were devastated as you can imagine. After many days in the hospital she pulled through and headed out by way of a wonderful long haul truck driver! They left Michigan on a Tuesday and just about 4 days later I picked her up at a truck stop in Salinas. It took about 38 hours with 2 men driving non-stop. To say she was a trooper during those 4 days would be a HUGE understatement! After she arrived home I wondered if that experience would ruin my chances of her ever really enjoying the car. Boy was I wrong! It was just the opposite. She’s our snuggle bunny! Her very favorite job is running into Patrick’s room in the morning giving him wake up kisses.

Ruby was located in So. California so we decided to make a mini vacation out of picking her up. I arranged for the 3 of us to stay at a local pet friendly hotel and what could have turned into an utter disaster was the most amazing vacation we have probably had! We spent our days sleeping together on the bed, taking long walks & lounging at the beach. By the time we all headed for home, I felt like she knew and trusted she was finally home.  We were told she was found somewhere near a boat launch area and in pretty bad shape. Besides being very underweight with a thinning coat, she was small and quite timid. Although she LOVES and craves attention she is cautious around men and it is very obvious that she was abused. We also learned quite quickly that our backyard was NEVER a place she wanted to ever be. Getting her to go out just to do her business was quite difficult in the beginning. We figure her life was probably “the yard” and not much else. Always breaks my heart to see the effect this cruel behavior has on our beloved pets. So this is the story of our girls.

It feels good to be back!

I hope you will check in again soon!



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